It’s been almost a month we organized a well-rounded event for TATA Trusts celebrating women’s day and acclaiming great personalities who had contributed to the growth of their respective sectors and inspired others to put their step forward.

The good to go sign for the event was planted after considering possible health measures of individuals participating in the event and proper screening of all present there. We did our small part ensuring the safety of all present there alongside to flawless execution of the planned event.

Ranging from major music festivals such as Coachella and South by Southwest (SXSW), some well-known events were indefinitely postponed because of the outbreak of COVID-19. Reports of the affected persons in our country were coming in at a rapid rate with every passing day. For us, it was to consider our future events and exhibitions were zeroed in. Our concerns were well met with the disappointment of each canceled or postponed event.

To support our Government and the containment practices pre-lockdown period, Entertainment Farm had their commendable workforce stay at home until the situation calmed down. Then the 21-Day lockdown was announced which clearly meant no social gathering of people for the given days which could be extended as well.

What did this mean for a company like ours?

Great minds at Entertainment farm were immediately put to full throttle to tackle this and come up with probable solutions to this problem.

Despite being initially Disheartened we decided to take this situation to our advantage and invest our selves in making the most out of it.

We moved forward with narrowing the list of what we could do to scale our company even further.

With approximately 10 events lined up, we had to retreat to planning and researching our way back to our screens because of the lock-down.

What did we do?

  • Firstly we ensured each of our team members and families safe along with their families at their respective places.
  • We had to corroborate false rumors and news wouldn’t be spread as it our duty for conventional awareness among ourselves.
  • Considering the Business side of things, we reflected on how we could add to our laurels and expand to always deliver excellent services beyond market expectations.

We focused on the following activities:

Corporate Events
  • Growing our LinkedIn Connections
  • Research on new technology and new designs in the event field.
BTL Activities
  • To research on new experiential ways of BTL marketing
Corporate Gifting
  • Compiling a list of all our vendors as per their expertise and maintaining a healthy professional relationship with them
Exhibition Stalls
  • Researching the best elements to be used install fabrications as per any possible requirements and keeping the design template updated
  • Re-organizing our vendor options and curating a list of active improvements we could use as per the location of venues.

Is this enough for Growing our Business

While it is important to think highly for expansion in the field of business but it is equally important to focus and encourage individuals to grow and learn. A successful business is run by individuals hooked on a growth mindset.

At Entertainment Farm we are encouraging our employees to undergo any skill advancement training for which the company bears the cost. As we believe in personal expansion in all aspects of our life.

We are constantly sharing some tips and hacks along with our team to make the most of this quarantine period.

We don’t claim that we are barely affected by this lockdown but we surely want to Relish the time on our hands and use the strategies and planning for our advancement. So that when the market opens up again, we are surely ahead of the curve providing delightful services to our beloved customers.

As a closing remark, we would only request our readers and followers to not be disengaged by this hour and take responsibility for ourselves and make ourselves better.

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