Let us first try to understand what is a virtual event and what is in-person events. A virtual event consists of web seminars or web gatherings which is the form of large multi sessions online events. The in-person event would be calling a meeting and discussing an agenda with a group of people in person.

Let us try to analyze how virtual events are different from the later. There can be many types of virtual events, for example, video conferencing video fair virtual trade show virtual teaching online classes. Now one must consider we are in an era of the coronavirus pandemic which has caused great economic losses in two countries. Now in such a crisis, the multinational companies are conducting all major conference events on web conferencing that are true virtual events. Google meet and zoom are Top applications for such purposes. The benefits of such events over in-person events is that it is cost-friendly, reliable, flexible, and environmentally friendly. It is cost-effective because the only tools required are applied form where you can run online events and internet accessibility. It is reliable because one can measure the reach of voice connectivity and can take two-way responses from the audience as well. It is flexible because it can be performed from anywhere written from your bedroom or in school conducting the online classes. And most importantly it is environment friendly.

Now as we have seen the benefits of virtual events. We should also discuss the other side that is the disadvantages of the conduct. One major disadvantage would be distractions, Limited internet-friendly audience. The destruction means as the audience and conductor at two different places and to different environments, it’s natural to have distractions while working. Coping up with such distractions and focusing on meeting agenda should be the priority. Limited internet-friendly audience means even though the number of attendees is higher but if people are not used to this kind of conferencing eventually they lack interest in the meeting.

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