As we all know that the world today is facing one of the greatest Pandemic, which is Corona Virus. All over the world researchers are trying to find the vaccine for it due to its deadly nature and moreover the spreading rate. 

But until we achieve that success, social distancing and keeping ourselves sanitized is the only way we can stay away from this virus attack and prevent it from spreading further.

So as a precautionary measure, Entertainment Farm Along with Trend  Innovate has manufactures a completely automatic and sensor-based Sanitizer Cabin Machine.

How It Works 

The Sanitizer Cabin is designed to meet the needs of the current situation that the country is facing the COVID-19. This Sanitizer Cabin will help its users to get sanitized and prevent the spread of the deadly virus. 

The Sanitizer Cabin is an automated machine that can be placed outside residential buildings, commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, police stations, etc. This machine works on a sensor-based technology and is very easy to install. Once the sanitizer cabin is installed,  the sensors will be activated. These sensors are motion sensors, so as soon as someone enters the cabin the sensor will detect the motion and activate blue lights to cue the person and also the sprinklers installed at the bottom, middle, and top of the machine. This sprinkler will spray the sanitizer upon the person for 7 sec to make sure they are completely sanitized. Once that is done it will automatically stop and the lights will turn off so that the person can exit.



The most prominent feature of the device is that it is automatic and sensor-based. So you do not have to touch any buttons or switches to get sanitized, which the most important need of the hour. 

The most prominent feature of the device is that it is automatic and sensor-based. So you do not have to touch any buttons or switches to get sanitized, which the most important need of the hour.

Motion Sensor 

The Sanitizer Cabin has an inbuilt motion sensor so as soon as someone walks through the cabin, the motion sensor will detect the activity and activate its sanitizer sprays. So we do not have to worry about the movement of people through the cabin. Anyone entering will be cued by the blue lights that get turned on when you enter the cabin.


The Sanitizer Cabin has sprinklers at three points which make sure that a person gets completely sanitized when he enters it. So the sprinklers are at the top, middle and bottom. 


This sanitizer cabin is made keeping in mind the current situation in the country and so we all believe that people from the sector should use it to keep their people safe from the Covid-19. Hence we have made this very budget-friendly and easy to use and transport so that everyone can use it and benefit from it. 



The Sanitizer Cabin is made up of a metal framework that is then covered with an acrylic sheet or Octomom.  This helps it to be durable and can be used in all the weather conditions in India.

Standard Size 

The size of the Sanitizer Cabin is  8ft in height, 4ft in width, and  6ft in-depth, making it comfortably spacious for one person at a time to move in and out. This is also designed in these sizes so that it can easily be installed outside buildings and offices without restricting the daily route of commuters.


As we have always promised customization to our clients, we can have various customization in the sanitizer cabin as well. We can have the sanitizer cabin made with flex to make it even more cost-effective. If offices or commercial buildings want to restrict its use, we can also have a manually handled feature added in this which will help the users to have someone monitor the people entering the cabin, and only the person outside monitoring the machine can switch it on.

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