With the new normal where literally all activities have been put on a long halt, amazon becoming crowded with series of orders, and staying safe seems like the topmost priority, people are gradually able to engage in worthwhile tasks, whether having meetings, partaking in webinars or mastering new arts in Masterclasses. So what is that secret magical tool that makes all this possible? Easy. Virtual Events are the new normal. The world has gone virtual. Not only has virtual usage made communication easier, but it has also concretized the need to invest more in a digitalized and global scene. Meetings are being held online where a host of individuals can communicate, interviews are being made online, internships are applied for online, graduation ceremonies are done online, music videos are made online, even court proceedings and judgment are given online. Now with this new usage, can it be said virtual communication is the new normal and has come to stay? If you are wondering what happens after the pandemic, we all are. Virtual communication has not only made life easier, it has made communication easier.

Since we are in the sixth year, here are 6 reasons why we need to go virtual and practically stay virtual;

1. It has a wider outreach Overtime

We have heard and seen how significantly fast, information can be passed across with all social media platforms. However, it has never been fathomed that one could graduate without actually being on school premises nor organize a conference without the normal grandeur that comes with conference organizing. But now, all this has been made possible with just literally a click on a button to connect to other people. It’s amazing to see how evolved and globally connected the world have become professionally. Virtual communications and Virtual Events allow several people from different countries and different Continents network and attend to serious matters. 

2. It saves Cost To run a successful business and thrive in that business

Businesses often lookout for ways they can lessen costs and minimize their expenses, whilst delivering top-notch service. It then is no wonder why virtual communication seems like the right option and angle to tilt to. Concerts are being organized online with tens of thousands of people listening to their favorite songwriter. This not only cuts down costs on logistics but allows audiences to have fun at the same time with no ticket expenses on their part. Also, Comedy shows which seem difficult to achieve are now being pulled off virtually. This brings to mind a comedy show that was organized in an African Country, not long ago where Comedians made jokes in their houses, which still appealed to the audience. A virtual poll for the best dressed was also conducted. This initiative not only shows how virtual events have taken over the social scene, but it has also provided an effective option, still guaranteeing a swirling time.

3. It appeals to people in respect of location constraints.

Not only does virtual communication allow for meetings and conferences online, but it also appeals to these people. People would definitely ask the one million dollar question, “Why leave the comfort of my home for a meeting when I could have it online? Just like Online shopping sites have become quite the “it” thing now, with people not seeing the need to go grocery shopping or gadget buying, it is a no brainer people would not see the need for a physical meeting. I can bet this feels a little like how Thomas Edison felt when he invented the Light Bulb breakthrough.

4. It builds a network of relationships and creates avenues for employment opportunities.

Virtual communications and Virtual Events build a network of relationships. That is of course if such communication is put to good use. Imagine being in Africa and being a part of a webinar organized by the International Chambers of Shipping in London, after which you can personally introduce yourself as having participated in the webinar, requesting for Internship opportunities or a Job. With the right skills and qualifications, an internship or a Job might be given after all. Virtual communication helps build that relationship with a crystallized result.

5. It enhances productivity and maximizes online platforms.

Amidst this pandemic, I am certain Zoom has already become a household name. It has become quite a ‘hit’ with the dollar bills rolling in. Zoom created that platform for safe conversations with the fallout of the pandemic and effect of the Lockdown. Not only has the company recorded a significant increase in users but it has also recorded an outstanding revenue generated from their user’s usage. This is because it provides a valuable service for businesses, schools, Organizations, and Companies who are in separate need to further their activities rather than watch it grind to a halt. Communication is expensive after all. Why not spend it?

6. It basically gets the job done.

At the end of the day, it gets the work done. That meeting is done, that class is taken, that art has been mastered, and the certificate got. Now the major question is why not stay virtual. As much as we want things to go back to normal to enjoy that coffee in a coffee shop again, take that long walk free of face mask and to sneeze without having to worry about showing a mild symptom of the Coronavirus, do we really want to do in 4 hours what could be done in 30 minutes virtually, do we really want to spend long hours waiting for the Hiring manager to call us in for an assessment which can be done in 20 minutes virtually?

So why cancel in the first place. You know what you can do, go virtual, and get the work done. Attend that meeting, engage in the webinar, and master new things in the master class. Once you get a taste of something good and easy, you never want to try any other thing else. So let’s not just go virtual, let’s stay virtual. Virtual Events are the new normal after all.

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