Line Production

As a line production company, we can draft production budgets according to the Director's vision and script requirements.

Entertainment Farm is a Mumbai based Line Production Company in Mumbai. The love & Passion for Production, be it films-television-digital-events, has given birth to Entertainment Farm.

As a Line Production Company in Mumbai, we can draft production budgets according to the Director's vision.

We can arrange for the top creative and technical crew (above & below the line) according to the project and the size of the budget. We have on our list experienced Directors, Cinematographers, Production Designers, Location Managers, Equipment, Art Directors, Make-up and Hair artists, Costume Stylists, Editors, etc.

You can rest assured that your product will be completed within the agreed budget and time schedules barring any act of God.

India is a multicultural country with people originating from all parts of the world. This country offers an ethnically rich pool of actors, models, and extras. We get your artists as per your budget while working in tandem with the best Casting Directors and coordinators from the Industry.

We have all the necessary contracts at hand that your production may need in order to hire these artists, technical crew, and services.

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