Wedding Planners in Mumbai : We realize and understand that weddings can be tempestuous, hence we come in to serve you manage the responsibilities of your big fat wedding. From Logistics to Hospitality we take the burden off your shoulders so that you can be present at the moment and enjoy with your loved ones.

Isn’t it a dream of a couple to have this very special day actualize from their dreams to reality?

We make it happen just as you wish for it. When you exchange your vows in front of your dear ones we have vowed to see 10 steps ahead and make the next task beautiful as it can be.

With setting Scintillating stages for you to step on and complete your rituals to arranging all amenities for the Baaratis we have everything taken care of.

Wedding Planning in Mumbai can be tedious and a never-ending affair with endless details, deadlines, venue selection, caterers, family drama, and far too often that never-ending stress to make you complete not even a single task. We at Entertainment Farm cater to your wedding with a personal touch and help you organize the best and memorable wedding of your life.
We Manage and cater to your A to Z list, from hospitality to giftings and to your final goodbyes to your guests.

Our well-experienced chauffeurs will escort your guests to your desired locations and cater to your needs as per your requirements.

Hospitality is one of our fortes so to speak. A well-sorted and managed team will allocate rooms to your guests without any fret.

We pay heed to the elderly and especially provide our utmost attention to them to have them felt solicitude.

With our unique sense of style, we give attention to intricate details and help transform our client’s visions into unforgettable experiences.

Be it a city wedding or beach wedding, just come to us with your planning. We ensure to deliver with efficiency and perfection.

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