It has been few vicious months as we’ve seen the COVID-19 grasped a toll over our livelihoods, our families, education, and the economy. People are losing their lives, businesses, basic amenities and are suffering in the shadow of revenue losses and the undependable stock market.

COVID-19 has wrecked our economy, No one except food suppliers and medicinal suppliers have resisted the wrath of this merciless pandemic so did event management companies and freelancers, But it is the matter of time until we all get immune to this deadly virus many experts and Doctors think that in-person group events will likely be one of the last affairs to return to normal. Some experts too believe that concerts, sports, conferences, runways, fashion weeks, seminars, and festivals may be entertaining or informative, but they aren’t crucial at the moment. They are also among the hazardous affairs because so many cheering people are tightly packed into arenas, making social distancing a bit difficult.

But we can’t bail on our livelihoods and futures just because of a virus because no one knows when it will going to vanish or cure be found. We have to start from now, proper steps and measures should be taken and WHO’s guidelines must be followed. We don’t need politicians to tell us what we should avoid getting sick and dying, we should be well aware of any step we are going to take, IN-PERSON events can return from tomorrow only if each one of us has to be mentally strict and prepared to follow each and every guideline and security measures religiously to protect us, our loved ones and our society from this deadly disease. Event industries and people who are willing to attend such affairs should start from basic steps like proper sanitization and sanitation.

Venues perform a vital role in the recuperation of the events and such industries. Following social distancing practices at your premises and taking every measure will lower the risk for the event planner, attendee, and organizer on the other hand adds a layer of security.

It will become an expected rule for venues to be fully equipped with proper ways of sanitization and thermal scanning, as this is a must-have layer of security for those willing to attend the event. Not having this capability will add an element of risk for attendees. Thermal scanning can at least indicate who is showing symptoms and can be immediately quarantined. Having a sanitation strategy in the venue is another crucial element for any event company or premises looking to restart its group business and formulate for future events. Having a plan ready for handling those who may contract the virus at your premises or while attending an event at your premises whether it is your banquets, CBD grounds, hotels, or any other institute. Social distancing is a must on other hand temperature checks and another vital testing should be implanted for a smooth, safe, and successful event. Isolate if doubt and contact tracing are equally important, Sanitation and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas will prevent virus spread. Policies and procedures for workforce contact tracing following positive COVID-19 tests. In-person events will likely be restricted to domestic events and if possible can have a virtual events platform as a replacement until there is a vaccine or other cure. The meetings will also likely be short, as prolonged, close communication is thought to further spread the virus. Avoid removing masks and coming in contact with any individual.

Keep in mind that it won’t as easy as it was before to establish an event as social distancing will likely affect future meetings in many ways – one of the most distinguished beings is seating, venue, rooms, auditoriums, and arrangements. Consider placing tape marks on the carpet to designate how far apart a person should be standing in line from each other. Increased distance between chair rows – which is essentially a theater setup with an increased number of aisles.

For registrations, one of the best alternatives is online registration or for walk-in registration, venues could follow models of what grocery stores, hospitals, clinics, and drugstores are doing, with taped lines on the floor to demarcate four-six foot distances. Place a way for people to get to their seats while maintaining the distance limit.

Protocols giving by your health department and government must be followed and access to PPE should be there, and a new flow for processing guests, as well as specific sanitation policies for each staff department, should be introduced and used every time.

Food and beverages at events were one of the most important and beneficial parts of events which can’t be acknowledged now as self-service, buffets likely won’t be a viable option for a very long time but on other hand Seated dining could be an alternative option if there are accessible staff members trained in sanitation and food-handling standards and attendee and other who tend to eat should be provided face shield so that risk of getting infected after removing mask will diminish. These extra steps and courses of caution could pin on added costs to food, so it’s in venues best interest to offer cost-effective solutions for refreshments at events, it could be processed/packed meals that attendees pick up from multiple locations, or have the boxed meals already placed at their seats at the event. Events w/o food and beverage should permit attendees to get their water bottles at least.

By following certain guidelines and protocols we can get in-person events and everything else on track with safety all we need to take care of and ensure is the safety of society. The day isn’t far where we can achieve new milestones with awareness and precautions and fight back and win over this deadly infectious monster. Unto we achieve victory over COVID-19 stay safe and keep planning for forthcoming events because the industry will be going to come back more stable, constant, and enduring than ever with fully equipped technology to counter COVID-19.

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